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Charles Gunn's Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Charles Gunn's LiveJournal:

Friday, October 21st, 2005
12:05 am
What in the hell
I got in the car, always willin' to help a friend right? But this is some weird shit. We got caught. Well, some of us.

I was taken down to the market square, after being given something that resembled a burlap loincloth. Hell, they took my do-rag away, and a brother don't have the luxury of shaving his head out here. If I get an afro out of this, I might stake Angel myself. But that isn't what's bad.

"You, slave get moving. You're needed to muck out stables, and care for the higher beasts than you!" What did he call me?

Did he call me a slave? I think he did. I turned slowly, a feral look on my face.

"What did you just say?" Four men quickly rushed me, turning me away from the speaker. Before I got an answer I heard the whip, before feeling the lash burn across my back, once, twice, six times.

"Slave, you will not speak to your betters that way." The asshole did it again. I am not a slave. My people did not fight and die, so I could be treated like this now. I wait for the four men to back up, then I stood up slowly. The man with the whip was paying no attention to me. My betters?

"See, even now this cow, this slave learns it's place." Pompus ass. I think somone needs a spanking. My back burned, and it was hard to move, so it was slow enough, the guards couldn't see me at first. The anger and humilation at being treated this way drove me on, and made me feel strong, and fast.

"KUNTAKINTE!!!" I yelled as I leaped for the man with the whip. He and I hit the ground rollin', as I punched nearly every place I could get. Hands pulled me away, clubs beat my back, tearing into the already bleeding wounds. I kicked backwards, knocking at least one of them off of me.

They kept coming, staves, clubs, whips, and bare hands. I was no match, though I hurt as many as I could. I wondered briefly if I was going to die here, in this hellland, and if I did, I was coming back to haunt someone.

My fist conntected with a face, just as a very stoat club connected with my temple. It was lights out.
Friday, July 1st, 2005
6:20 pm
I don't want to get up...nowisredoux
"Fred," I whispered in her ear, "we should get up. Show people that you're mostly ok." I kissed her ear, then her neck, breathing in the smell of her hair. The bed was warm, and the room was filled with the smell of our love. Nothing sweeter, except maybe her hair.

"You know Angel, love. He's going to come up here, and break in the door, sooner or later. Just to make sure you're ok." I could hold this in. I could live with this.

I've killed. I just never wanted her to feel the pain of it (she's mortally wounded people, but I'm thinking no one told her, I sure as hell didn't). But I'd never let the worry show in my eyes. When I looked at her, in her eyes, in fact, anywhere, all that anyone, including Fred would ever see from me, was love.

She's my girl, and that's all there is to it. I went to sit up.

"Come on, sexy, we gotta put an appearance in for the masses. Then maybe we can get some pancakes, or tacos." I grinned.

She was so sweet, and almost never predictable, except when it came to food.
5:32 pm
The voices got to me carpe_tenebras
As I slept, I heard her voice.

Alana. "Charles, oh Charles, why haven't you saved me yet?"

I spin, twist and turn in the sweat laden sheets. I remember going to Annie's..after that.

"Charles, you must stop them, you must help me. You know where." The office came into my mind, the hotel. I knew where to go.

Her face appeared, and I knew I wasn't asleep. It was her, Alana, she came to talk to me.

"Charles, I've missed you so. Please, they're going to kill me, or worse. You know how to stop them. Only you can stop them."

"Alana?" She faded from my vision. I sat up screamed "ALANA"! Then I got dressed.

No one hurts my sister, no one. I couldn 't find my blue 'rag, but I found a hat, and some black clothes. Looking around, I saw only my axe, and a small table. I grabbed the axe, and chopped off two or more of it's legs. Then sharpening them to a fine point.

Good Vampire. Right, like there ever was such a thing. I put the stakes in my pocket, and the axe slung across my shoulders. I was ready to go out. Couldn't let anyone here see me leave, they'd ask questions. Besides, I don't know who is bad and who ain't. Could be the whole world went crazy while I slept. But not me. Hell no! I've got a clear mind now, and I know what to do. Take the head, or stake the heart. Easy, been doin' it all my life.

I walked to the Hyperion, couldn't find my truck. The place seemed to have a red haze around it. It was a place of evil, of hate.

Anyone inside with the Vampire could go down with him, for all I was concerned.

Kicking in the door, I gave my speech "Give me my sister, and the vamp, and maybe I'll spare anyone else here." Of course, I never said my speeches were long. I strode down the stairs until I saw him. The monster, the demon. And the soon to be very dead. Without a word, I launched myself, axe out at Angel.
Saturday, May 21st, 2005
5:40 pm
Back out
I threw my back out today. I don't know how much of what I can do right now. I'll be back on as soon as I can.
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
3:12 am
Classes slayer_academy
Well, this was really a volunteer class, so I had no idea if anyone would show up. I'd okay'd it with the big guy a few weeks ago, but still.

The premise is simple: what is around you that can be used as a weapon?
You never know where or when you'll be called on to fight, and although it's better with a weapon along, what if you haven't got one?
Interested? Class to be held in clearing by the tree. This class is for everyone, not just the slayers. Instructor: Charles Gunn. No need to rsvp, just be there and wear what you'd wear patrolling.

Okay, so I'd never been big on words. I figured the paper got my message across. Mr. Giles and I posted them up around the campus, and anyone was welcome to join. Slayers, watcher, witches, cooking staff. Anyone. We'd get together by the tree, and do some "real" outdoor work, but then I'd had the idea to use the actual streets when nightfall came, and show them how we used to do it, back in my...I was about to think "day". Damn, that's either a sign of getting old, or becoming British. How about, back in the 'hood.

I liked that thought, just a little more. This way also, some of the students, and staff plus any and all new-comers could meet up. It was time we had an informal type of get together. I just hoped others made it. Hell, I knew there were other, more sinister things going on, so this was a chance to let off some steam, and to get to know each other. Without worrying about grades. Well, too much.

Mr. Giles said he'd be there, and I hoped some of the other's would too.

Could even end up in a discussion group, or "round robin" (Annie once used that term) if needed.
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
12:18 am
The hell you don't know (Not Gunn) your_welcome
The house loomed large on one of the hillside that overlooked the valley proper in L.A. It was dark, menacing, as though it was an entity unto itself. And it often thought of itself that way, being neither purely of this realm or the next. Hence, the perfect place for the man, the demon Daniel Lavaris to live.

A wrought iron gate surrounded the structure, as though it was keeping out things that despised the touch of iron. Or perhaps, it was keeping them in. Surprisingly, it didn't creak at all as the two interlopers walked in. Lavaris looked down from his study on the third floor, and marveled at the unmitigated gaul that the Lawyer and his doxy had, just walking up to the place like they owned it.

They had guts, he'd have to give them that. And of course, those same guts would look just lovely strung along the fence, to ward off others.

"Don't be stupid," he said to himself, "where we live, that would only bring us more trouble."

"You're no fun anymore," came a growl from the same, yet not the same mouth, "but I suppose we don't need the publicity. What we need, is a good lawyer."

"I couldn't agree more. Perhaps, if we send these two back to Wolfram and Hart in a box, they'll get the message, and send us someone willing to work within the compounds of our contract with them." He nodded, in agreement with himself, pulling on a french silk bell pull. Immediately, a very small, dark 'man' entered the room.

"It seems we have some uninvited guests. Well, one was invited, but not with weapons at the ready. We do not believe he is here to be our barrister. See to it." The 'man' bowed, and left the room.

Lavaris watched from the window as, first line of defense, four vampires in his employ spilled through the large oak doors, and onto the shaded porch, waiting for the intruders to make the first move.

(open to Faith, Gunn and anyone else who heard the call to arms, and decided to show up *grin*)
Thursday, April 21st, 2005
8:22 am
She asked slayer_academy (Gunn's Story)
Tia asked me, "so, what's your story?" I guess I could have made up something, but there was a quality to her voice. She didn't need a fake "I'm just another hero," story.

So I didn't give her one.

Pulling up one of the older, hardback chairs we kept in the office, I began to remember. And realized it wasn't just that she asked. It was that I had to remember.

"My story eh? Lived on the streets of LA from a young age. Don't remember my parents, not really. Drug addicts likely, or gang bangers. Either way, they weren't there. It was me and Alana. From the beginning. I was the strong one, or so I told everyone.

"I took care of my sister, Alana, and ran my crew. We..." I looked up for a moment and met her eyes, going on "we didn't have no slayer to stop the vamps and demons in LA. And I'm not just talking about the drugs and guns. We saved our own asses. I took other kids from my neighborhood and taught them to fight. No drugs alowed, 'cause you need a clear head when the demons attack." Deep breath Gunn, you can do this.

"One day, a new vamp gang came to my street." I stood, pacing, not thinking of the slayer in front of me now. Only one face came to my eyes: Alana. You were the strong one. Her words echoed through-out my mind. She was wrong though.

"My sister, she was the strong one. She kept me going. I was hard on my crew, because losing one, meant losing family. Then one day, Angel came to my 'hood, and I thought, one more to have to dust, one more vamp like every other vamp. I wonder now if I'd let..." My voice trailed off, and I shut my eyes. It wouldn't help to wonder. Nothing would change, and it wouldn't bring Alana back. Nothing would.

"The new vamp gang got my sister. By the time I found her," I was proud, my voice only wavered slightly, the feel of ashes on my hands. I set down the coffee and wiped them on my jeans, like it could take away the not-dust and my guilt.

"I had to dust my baby sister. She said she's save me, but in the end.. Well, I killed the thing that took up residence in her body. But I lost her. And for a long time, I lost the mission. I fought everything that came along, hoping something would be stronger than I was. Something would take me out, and take me back to her."

I realized I wasn't really talking to Tia anymore, and I shuddered, remembering those far past days. Blinking rapidly I made sure the tears that came to my eyes never had a chance to fall.

"Then I fell in with Angel and his band of freaks, and we saved the world about a million times. And I found I could fight the good fight again, and that it would make a difference."

"The American dream, really." I tried to make light of it, but my body felt heavy. Tired. "So then, I came here to help teach you and others why we fight. And that no matter where we started, we're all here now for the same thing. To find the mission."

I sighed, all those bad guys down, and I could never get my sister back. Never forget who I was, or what I had to do.

I wondered if I had remained sane, or if all of this had been brought about by my now insane mind.

My story. Just like everyone else's here. Except I had no super powers, no schooling, and nothing but experience and strength that even I was beginning doubt.

"And you?"

(Open to Tia, and anyone else that wanders by the office)

Current Mood: melancholy
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
8:41 am
Ass Kickin' Time your_welcome
The meeting with Harmony left me with an unfulfilled "what???" feeling in the bottom of my stomach. I'm not even sure why we wasted our time going. I mean, she's obviously trying. But I'm not sure what it is she's trying at. It it still left me the problem of a demon that needed it's ass kicked.

Without sending a kid, no matter that he was Holland Manner's Godson he was, to his doom. He may be inept, but that's not a reason to kill someone. Smack 'em around maybe.

But I still didn't get Angel's take on it. Just ignore him. Send him someone he can rip up, but don't do a damned thing? I mean, I'm glad Cordy's back too, she makes lives more interesting, but it doesn't give an excuse to let others, no force others, to die.

I took off my jacket and loosened my tie. I was going to do this.

I called down to the lab and left a message for Fred to call me back on my cell. She said she'd help, but I wasn't sure. Even left one for English. Didn't know where to find Coredlia. Then I grabbed an axe, and started out the door looking for anyone else ready to kick a little Danial Lavaris butt.

Current Mood: pissed off
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
2:37 pm
Shaking my head the_bronze
Okay, so I'm all heart broken and want to go get my violence on so what do I do? I run into Angel who isn't interested in my pain. No, as far as I can tell, it's all about Cordelia. Cordy this, and Cordy that.

Then, we run into Anya, whom I might have met once. She starts to talk about her heartbreak, dating two guys or somethin'. I could have sworn I heard her say something about being a vengance demon. That didn't sound to cool to me, but Angel seemed to know her. And so, with her heartbreak and mine, Angel said "Hey, let's all go look for Cordelia, my long lost real love that I may have driven to demonness". Okay, so he didn't say it that way. But still.

So the three of us start tromping of, 'tra la la' looking for Cordelia when some old British dude comes running through the trees, and not quietly. Tears running down this old dudes face said he wasn't happy either. When he talked, I could tell he and English...you know Wesley, had something in common.

Then it gets interesting.

Something about big Evil, killing babies, and oh yeah, more souls in jeapordy. Or so it seemed to me.

A brother can't even have a nice quiet bout of hittin' stuff in Sunnydale without someone needin' something. AI rides again...maybe.
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
11:37 am
Angel was back...and right now I didn't give a damn
It was Angel I saw in that alley, it had to be. Angelus would have messed me up. Unless...

He looks around at his empty apartment, no sign of a struggle, just a note he still hasn't read This isn't what Angelus would do. He'd have found some way to make it hurt less.

She left. She just up and left. I thought she loved me again. That we'd be happy here. Well, as happy here as anywhere else.

An unforgivable tear rolls down his face as he finally reaches for the note, he hadn't touched for several days. He had to know.

My Dearest Charles,
I'm sorry I left so suddenly. I needed to go home. To see my parents. I needed to know there was still somewhere good in this world. Where the vampires hadn't taken over. Where I didn't need to use my knowledge just to fight and kill. Where the man I loved wouldn't ever have to kill for me.</b>

I crumpled the note, I couldn't go on. I thought she'd forgiven me for that. I had to do it. I had to save her soul, keep her from being a killer. I wasn't a beacon of society. If there is a heaven, it's possible I'm not going. But when I was with Fred, all was well. And now it felt like ashes.

I took a swig of the bottle sitting next to me, and found the courage to read the rest.

I love you Charles. I always will. I just need to get away for a while. If I could, I'd promise you I'd return. Instead, just believe that my feelings are real, and if I can come back to you, I will. My heart breaks without you, but I have to learn if I can live with that. Live with all we've done in the name of "Good," and if it really was.
I love you.

And just like that, she was gone. And I no longer cared if that had been Angel or Angelus in the alley. I didn't know what'd happened to English, and wasn't sure it mattered. Or to the slayers. It was one damn dark night, and I wondered if I'd ever really see the sun again.

Staring out the big window, slowly I finished off the bottle next to my hand, until my eyes fluttered, and I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Current Mood: crushed
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
1:39 pm
Need to cut back...
Okay, I'm not sure how many can see this, so I'll put it up on my most used characters and my own journal (hence, it goes on Gunn first).

I'm over-extended. I love playing with all of you guys, and hate to let anyone down.

So here's the 411: I know for sure I'm staying at sunnydale_90666, uc_sunnydale (where I'm not actually Gunn), uc_at_sunnydale, angel_afterlife and nthelater.

Now, I need suggestions of where people really want me to stay, and where I can be either replaced, or come back when things aren't so hectic. Thoughts? Ideas?


Gwen/Gunn/Giles/Wesley/Maggie/Joyce/Anne/Willow/Lindsey and whomever else..
Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
11:38 am
sitcome sillyness
My LiveJournal Sitcom
call_me_gunn at the street (TBS, 10:30): call_me_gunn (Heather Locklear) gets deadxboy (Brigitte Bardot) drunk. On the other side of town, wesleyw_p (Jamie Lee Curtis)'s new friend alienates may_queen (John Cleese). Later that day, aladriana (Amanda Bynes) thinks evieoconnell (Julianna Margulies) is a Martian. Afterwards, lilprincessdru (Elizabeth Taylor) tells slayerverse (Ben Kingsley) about Scientology. The next day, ooc_inc (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) marries angelsdestroyer (Sean Astin)'s chauffeur. Crazy results follow.
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