call_me_gunn's Journal

Charles Gunn

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A street kid by nature, a few years ago a new man blew into town. Well, perhaps not a man. Anyway, we were out fighting vampires in our neighborhood, taking care of our own, when this man appeared. Tried to dust him, like any blood sucker, but this one was different.

I understood him. He understood me. Now, we work together, along with the love of my like Fred (don't even ASK where she came from, unless it's before 5 years ago!), someone I would kill and die for.

I taught myself how to fight, and I won't back down.

LA blew up. Now we're down fighting the big bads in good ol' rural Sunnydale, where I might just be one of the three brothers in town. I got a hot pad though, and Fred has decided to join with me. Life would be good...except for the pesky Angelus.

I decided to work part time for Angel. He's a blood sucker, but also a good guy. And the guys were getting along just fine without me. If I could just get along with the whole gang, what a treat. Wesley drives me nuts at times, but here we are. I just want to help get some of the creepy crawlies in this city, and it seems like Cordelia always knows where to find 'em.

We took the job at Wolfram and Hart. And I'm not just the muscle anymore. Not only did they fill my head with everything I need to know to be a kick ass lawyer, but now I have the complete works of Gilbert and Sullivan stuck in there too. Even so, I haven't lost all of my morals. I guess I'm not "the very model of a modern major general" either. I take life as it comes. So far.


Can you dig it? I teach Champions 101, or as I like to call it: "give me something pointy, and show me where to stick it".